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  • 1212 STARGATE TRANSMISSION   | Tuesday, December 12  | 1:30PM CST  |   75 minute VIDEO LIVEstream

    1212 STARGATE 2023


    This TRANSMISSION with Omaji and The Council of Light  Supports HARMONIC BRIDGING into A NEW ERA in The ACUTALIZATION OF NEW EARTH....and SO MUCH MORE.

    Energetic Transmission Supporting the EMPOWERED EVOLUTION Experience for You and Your Body Deva During THIS MALLEABLE Time of "BECOMING" and "NEW BEGINNINGS".

    Location: Attend Anywhere via Phone or Internet (Zoom)

    SLIDING SCALE Contribution Model - You Are Encouraged to Choose the Level of Contribution That Resonates for You from a Place of ONENESS.

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  • DreamTime Energetic Support   | Gentle Empowered SHIFTS into MORE HARMONIC Vibrations   |  NOW Available  

    DreamTime Work

    Would it Support You and Your Body Deva to Shift and Evolve With Us in DreamTime?

    Gentle and Empowered Multi-Dimensional Work in the Higher Realms for You and Your Body Deva. 

    We are Currently Offering 3 Options and Have a Few Spots Available for Each (based on the number of nights per week that we work together in DreamTime).

    Each Option INCLUDES 4 Weeks of DreamTime Support

    To Learn more or to Enroll  click here.
    Location: Higher Realms

     To SUBSCRIBE to AutoReNEW DreamTime Support Every 4 Weeks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.

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"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Omaji